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Toothbrush Selection
Posted on 10/14/2015

Toothbrush Selection

The Right Toothbrush for You

There are so many different brands, shapes, and sizes of toothbrushes these days that choosing one for your child can be overwhelming. Never fear. The team at Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo will help you make the right decision by breaking down the basics.


Toothbrushes come in three main bristle varieties: soft, medium, and hard nylon. For the most part, your Amarillo children’s dentist recommends purchasing a soft-bristled toothbrush for your child, (preferably one that has bristles with rounded tips). This is the safest and most comfortable toothbrush for them to use, especially since going with a thicker bristle variety can lead to damaging gums and root surfaces if they brush too hard.

Additionally, most dentists agree that toothbrushes with soft bristles work best when it comes to removing debris, plaque, and bacteria from teeth. Furthermore, their innate flexibility allows users to better reach different surface areas, cracks, and crevices within the mouth.


To put it simply, when picking out a toothbrush for your child you want to make sure it is short enough for them to get a good grip around the handle, but long enough for them to have easy access to all surface areas of their teeth.

Moreover, keep in mind that a non-slip grip handle or a flexible neck handle will allow for more comfortable, thorough brushing.


When selecting a toothbrush there are a few options for head shape and bristle shape. For heads, there is taped and rectangular. For bristles, there is rippled, flat, dome-shaped, and trimmed. While this may seem a bit confusing, the truth is that this part of the toothbrush selection process is completely based on personal preference.

Select the shapes that seem like they will fit best inside of your child’s mouth. Or, rather, have them make the selection. Maybe have them try different styles over time so that they can discover for themselves, which shape combination works best.

A Few More Things to Remember

No matter what specific kind of toothbrush you get for your child, there are few things to keep in mind in reference to all styles.

The first is to remember to replace your child’s toothbrush with a new one every three months. Second, replace your child’s toothbrush after they’ve gotten over a bad cold, as bristles can collect germs from the sickness that might lead to prolonged contamination.

Finally, whatever toothbrush you decide on, make sure it has the ADA (American Dental Association) Seal of Approval. This seal signifies that the toothbrush has undergone rigorous tests for quality and safety and, as such, is vitally important.

Your Child & Their Dental Health

Embracing good dental health practices begins when we’re young. Which is why it is imperative for parents to encourage proper brushing and flossing at home, and get their kids to become personally invested in taking care of their teeth.

Accordingly, as you child grows we recommend having them help make the decision about what toothbrush to get. This will allow them to become more invested in their dental hygiene, as they have to critically think about what toothbrush specifics (shapes, sizes, etc.) will work best for them.

For all other questions related to selecting a toothbrush, brushing, or proper dental hygiene at home, call the team at Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo. We’re always happy to help you and your child achieve brighter, healthier smiles!