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Pediatric Dental Treatment in Amarillo, TX

At Children's Dentistry of Amarillo, our mission is simple: help kids throughout thelittle-girl-pink-bow Amarillo, TX area achieve beautiful smiles through quality pediatric dental care. As a leading kid's dentist serving Amarillo and the surrounding communities, we're proud to offer a wide range of treatments to our patients, and we work hard to make every visit to our office a pleasant experience. While we focus on preventive care at our office, we're equipped and ready to treat a wide range of common dental problems.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is the second most-common preventable disease in the world, falling behind only the common cold. Decay begins when naturally-occurring bacteria in the mouth interact with sugars and carbohydrates in foods. The bacteria break down these compounds into acids, which corrode dental enamel and lead to decay. Food particles can also leave deposits that bond with bacterial colonies to form a sticky biofilm called plaque, which adheres to teeth and exacerbates decay. The best way to fight tooth decay is to prevent it through strong oral hygiene. However, if your child does develop cavities, we offer a variety of treatments including dental fillings and crowns. 

Tooth Sensitivity

The fleshy dental pulp at the center of each tooth is packed with nerve endings, but normally, this tissue is shielded from harsh sensations by the hard outer enamel. In some cases, though, the enamel may become compromised, leaving the nerves exposed to harsh elements and causing the teeth to become highly sensitive. Tooth sensitivity normally occurs in response to changes in temperature, as the teeth expand and contract when exposed to hot or cold. Tooth sensitivity may develop for a number of reasons:

  • Worn down enamel
  • Receding gums that expose the tooth roots
  • Microscopic cracks in the teeth

  • If you experience sensitive teeth, we'll work with you to understand the source of the problem and create a plan for treatment. 

    Gum Disease

    Gum disease is a common condition for both children and adults. While it begins as a relatively mild problem, it can develop quickly and lead to serious issues including inflammation, tooth loss, and even damage to the jawbones. 

    Gum disease starts as a mild condition called gingivitis, which causes the gums to become inflamed, red, swollen, and to bleed easily. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress to periodontitis and eventually to chronic periodontitis, which can lead to tooth and bone loss. 

    The best way to prevent gum disease is through daily brushing and flossing, and we can offer gum treatments if gum disease takes hold. 

    Canker Sores

    Canker sores are small open sores that can form in the mouth. They appear as sores with a white or gray center and a red border, and they normally last for a week or two before healing on their own. Canker sores can be uncomfortable, but they're neither dangerous nor contagious. We can recommend antimicrobial mouthwashes and topical gels if canker sores are an issue for you.

    Bad Bites

    While some people are lucky enough to be  born with perfect teeth, most people develop an orthodontic malocclusion, or a "bad bite."  Bad bites may come from overcrowded teeth, missing teeth, extra teeth, misaligned jaws, or teeth that simply grow in wrong. We can refer your child to an orthodontist for a comprehensive evaluation of their bite. 

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