Fun Ways to Encourage Your Children to Brush Their Teeth

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Children to Brush Their Teeth
Posted on 03/05/2018
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Brushing one’s teeth is a cornerstone of good oral hygiene and it’s no different for the youngest ones in your family. Unfortunately, getting a child to perform this task is sometimes like trying to pull teeth (not literally, of course!). However, because this is such a vital routine, you’ll need to do your best to instill regular brushing into your child’s habits. As your Amarillo kids dentist and providers of pediatric dentistry, we at Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo would like to give you several fun ways to encourage your children to brush their teeth.

Buy an Electric Toothbrush

The truth is that electric toothbrushes don’t always remove more plaque than manual toothbrushes. While they may make the task a bit easier, they’re not necessarily more efficient. One of the main draws of electric toothbrushes though is that kids love them! Children find them fun to use, and they may end up brushing more often or for an extended period when they have an enjoyable toothbrush.

Let Your Child Pick the Dental Supplies

If you don’t purchase an electric toothbrush, another good idea would be to let your child pick the dental supplies that will be used, including the toothbrush and the toothpaste. There are many different types of toothbrushes with popular characters on them as well as toothpaste with pleasant tastes to them. By letting your child pick the ones that enthuse him or her, it may increase the likelihood of brushing.

Brush with Them

Another way to encourage your child’s brushing is to brush alongside him or her. Brushing together shows your child that it’s fun and acceptable to brush, gets your child in a routine, and also allows you to ensure the brushing is done well

Role Play with a Stuffed Animal

Depending on how old your child is, role-playing with a stuffed animal or their favorite toy can be a fun and encouraging way to get your child to brush his or her teeth. When your child sees a beloved toy getting its teeth ‘brushed,’ it can make him or her want to do the same as well.

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