About Your Teeth

Young girl smiling.As the leading pediatric dentist in Amarillo, TX, Dr. Billy Metcalf and his team at Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo strive to make every one of their patients feel good about visiting the dentist.

Knowing that a trip to the dentist can make many children feel anxious, our practice aims to create a comfortable and relaxing environment at every turn. One of the ways in which we do this is by helping children understand why taking care of their teeth is so important. For, in understanding their treatment – shining a light on the unknown – they will become less afraid of the dentist, and more invested in their own dental health.

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Your Different Types of Teeth

  • Incisors – your front teeth
  • Canines – the sharp, fang-like teeth that help you bite into hard food
  • Bicuspids – the teeth on the sides of your mouth, also known as pre-molars
  • Molars – the teeth in the very back of your mouth

32: Your Mouth’s Magic Number

Primary Teeth
The first set of teeth you have is called primary teeth (a.k.a. your baby teeth). These teeth begin to appear around 6 – 8 months of age, and all 20 of them will be fully developed by age 3. You will start losing these teeth just a couple years after they grow in as they become replaced with your permanent teeth, which begin erupting at about age 6.

Secondary Teeth
The final set of teeth you’ll have in life (your permanent teeth) is called secondary teeth. Following the loss of your baby teeth, your secondary teeth begin to grow into your mouth. And, by ages 12 or 14, you should have nearly the complete set.

The growth of your permanent incisors, canines and bicuspids will come first. Then, your 12-year-old molars will come in. After that, your wisdom teeth will begin appearing in your late teen years. This will eventually add up to a total of 32 teeth in your mouth.

Wisdom Teeth
Unfortunately, very few people actually have room in their mouths to fully accommodate 32 teeth. As a result, your wisdom teeth are usually removed when they start to break through the surface of your gums. If not removed, they can potentially become impacted and displace other teeth, causing more oral health issues to develop.

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Ever heard the expression – knowledge is power? Well, when it comes to the dentist, the situation is no different. One of the best ways to help kids overcome a fear of the dentist is by helping them understand their treatment. And we at Children’s Dentistry of Amarillo are committed to doing just that.

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